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Let's say you want to test your frame advantage after a specific divekick. Testing this in training mode can be obnoxious, here you can just write what you want and you can get the result instantly and vary the parameters afterwards.

Also, I think that this can be a good way for people to understand the basics of frame data because you can play with the frame and boxes and see the reaction on your opponent.

How accurate is it?

That's the most tricky question. Let's say, most of it is perfectly accurate. But, there are some features about the game engine that are not handled making some moves wrong.

For instance, Cammy's moves are fully accurate aside from a slight position slide during the CA animation. As for the rest (say Hooligan Cancels into Strike during V-Trigger...), everything has been verified using data coming directly from SFV and sfvsim is 100% accurate.

What are the features that are not handled?

You can consult the exact list of engine issues. But for the most important ones:

Can I use it to check frame advantage?

Well technically you can, but please check the result range. For instance, Alex's Head Crush returns a frame advantage of +9 in sfvsim, FAT and OKI gives a +4, Capcom gives +5, and Frame Data V gives +3. Welcome to Frame Data Hell! The actual answer is +3 and needs to take into account a bug from the sfv engine.

Also, sometimes due to a misinterpretation of some flag in the scripts sfvsim will not select the right knockdown advantage so, don't take those for granted. But if the frame advantage corresponds with what you can find elsewhere, there's a high chance that the complete animation is exact.

What's wrong with those move names? Why the anime notation?

The move and script names are the ones coming from the game scripts. I didn't use the 6HP notation, the makers of SFV did. So beware, some move name are weird, e.g. Necalli's command grab is called GAIA (official name Mask of Tlalli).

Have you found bugs in SFV?

Bugs or features? Either way, I tried to take all of the weirdy weirdness coming from SFV. There are some position shifts that are applied which doesnt make any sense, but I try to handle them all. You can search through the code for the label "BUGSFV" or in the issues list, there are some weird situations.

Is it actually running inside my browser?

No, the browser is there to just present the result of the simulation to you. The actual computation is done on my server (that's why it's a bit slow because it's on a low budget server, on a core i7 processor a full combo can be computed in ~0.1s).

Also, I don't keep a trace of what's been submitted to the server, all the configuration are only stored in your browser, the only analytic I do is a standard Google Analytics.


sfvsim is a simulator which tries to mimic the behaviour of Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter V base its engine using scripts that dictates the positions of the characters, the hitboxes, the hit effects...
This project interprets those scripts and executes a given situation.


Loïc WydD Petit (@WydD /u/-WydD-)

Source and Licence

The source code is open on gitlab. The code is open under the MIT licence so feel free to contribute.


This project was made possible using the help of:

And all the people that tried the tool during the alpha phase.

Player 1


init script
delay frames
hold frames
Frame Advantage
click to close


P1 Hurt box P2 Hurt box Armor box Push box Hit box
🤜 Strike ★ Projectile 🖐 Throw ★ Proj. cancel 🖐 Throw box ▲ Overhead ▼ Low
A Air inv. ★ Projectile inv. 🤜 Strike inv. C Cant hit crouch A Cant hit air S Cant hit stand
► Legend