Hello everyone, my name is Loïc WydD Petit. I am the sole developer of sfvsim, sfvdiff, kofbox as well as some other FGC related tech projects.

Apparently you want to donate to support my work and that's awesome and I never expected people to do so!

I am a senior computer science professional with a PhD and it is a high paying profession. That is why: I do not need your money. However if you feel that I have earned a donation you can do so using this paypal link.

Donation usage

Because I don't need the money I will give all donations to charity and using the donation I can deduct part of it from my taxes. So it's a win-win-win for all parties:

  • I get money in tax deduction!
  • A charity association get money!
  • You feel proud to support me!

The association I picked is the french Red Cross (La Croix Rouge) mostly in order to provide aid to those in need (homeless, prison inmates, elderly, refugees). Please consult their website to know about their activities.