This project is an attempt to make SFV game engine scripts readable using the knowledge acquired during the project sfvsim. With this tool, you are able to visualise the timeline, the cancels, the hitboxes and specific flags of a move.

Historically, scripts could be viewed by the DIFF tool of TOOLASSlSTED viewer. However, this mainly display the raw output from the wonderful movetool by lullius and hitbox interpretation. The main drawback being: a lot of data is marked as unknown. Nowadays, after a lot of research on sfvsim, a knowledge base has been build of all the unknown data interpretation.

This new tool combines the knowledge acquired and strong visualisation tools to:

  1. Understand how the SFV engine works
  2. Display differences between versions
  3. Visualise positions shifts and hitboxes

Of course, a lot of data is still in the unknown territory but those are hidden unless the user wants them. This guarantee to view the most important result first.

The project has been developed by @WydD as a side project of sfvsim.